Spring is here! Have you got the landscaping products you need?

Spring is here! Have you got the landscaping products you need?

Spring is here! Have you got the landscaping products you need?

It’s time for a kit check. The landscaping season is underway, which means now’s the time to confirm you have got everything you need for the tasks ahead. For most jobs, there are landscaping supplies and garden products that you can’t do without.

Weed control fabrics

To ensure the longevity of your hard work, installing a professional-grade weed control fabric is highly recommended. Our woven weed control fabrics come in different lengths and widths for jobs big and small. They are easy to cut, yet tear-resistant and simple to fit. While we stock a range of geotextile fabrics for controlling weeds in different locations, Groundtex is an excellent all-rounder with good ground stabilisation and weed suppression properties.

Chemical weed killers

Despite the excellent benefits of weed control fabrics, chemical weed killers still have a place in the landscape gardener’s kitbag. Not only are they good to use before laying a weed control membrane, but they can be used in areas where geotextiles aren’t appropriate, such as lawns. At Landscapes Direct, we’ve got a wide range of herbicides. We have five-litre options to give you a headstart on the season’s weed-killing, including Enforcer, pre-emergent ProShield and Roundup ProVantage. We’ve even more options that aren’t on our website – contact us for more details.


Different fertilisers are designed for different jobs at different times of the year. For expert advice, our team at Landscapes Direct can help. An excellent place to start is Landscaper Pro Universtar Balance. It’s a cost-effective and convenient fertiliser that has a balanced range of nutrients. Designed to be slow-release, it’s a great option to start using on lawns in the springtime to get them looking healthy and green.

Landscape edging

Achieving a sharp-edged finish on lawns and borders helps elevate your landscape gardening work. Using aluminium edges is a discreet, yet effective, way to obtain a crisp edge against lawns and borders. If you’re hard landscaping, an easy edging option that can be installed without concrete is AluExcel Hard Landscaping Edging. It restrains asphalt, resin-bonded, gravel, blocks, bricks or paving slabs. It’s strong but the design allows flexibility around curves and contours.

Landscapes Direct is an established supplier of high quality landscaping and gardening products to the landscape gardening trade. We pride ourselves on the high levels of support we provide to our clients. Find out more about how we can help you on 0800 731 6534 or sales@ld-uk.com.

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