Landscaping solutions – your summer project essentials

Landscaping solutions – your summer project essentials

Landscaping solutions – your summer project essentials

The landscaping season is in full swing, and as spring rolls into summer, warmer days bring their own set of challenges to the professional landscaper and landscape gardener. Here we look at the summer landscaping equipment and landscaping tools that will help make lighter work of the tasks ahead and keep your hard work looking tiptop when the mercury rises.

Porous pipes

As all professional landscape gardeners know, keeping new shrubs and trees watered in hot weather is essential to promoting their initial growth and keeping them healthy as they establish themselves. Perhaps water-deprived while waiting for planting, newly situated shrubs and trees need a little extra TLC to replenish lost moisture.

Porous pipes are ideal to ensure consistent watering. This clever system is easy to install above or below ground and allows on-demand watering making it simple for your client to take care of their new plant life. Water seeps out of the pipe at a rate of four litres per hour, per metre delivering the ideal amount of water to the plants. A range of connectors and valves makes it a versatile system that will easily reach all parts of newly landscaped areas.

Hoses and fittings

When the summer heat takes its toll on a garden a professional-grade hose with all the appropriate fittings is a must-have. On-site, a summer landscaping essential is an extra-long UV-stabilised hose that is crush-resistant to withstand the rigours of landscaping projects. Make sure you’ve got appropriate hose connectors and a versatile spray nozzle too.


Levelling and grading work can be exhausting in the summer months. Ensuring that you have the right tools for the job can help make those tasks easier – a welcome benefit when working in the full summer heat. Having a range of different sized lutes at your disposal can save a considerable amount of time.

The most significant levelling jobs demand the Trulute 48, ideal for creating perfectly flat lawns by removing the slightest undulations. Smaller sizes such as the Trulute 28 is perfect for general grading and levelling. Or consider medium-sized Trulute 36 to make easy work of spreading and levelling soil or sand.

Shovels, spades, and forks

Some landscape gardeners are fiercely protective of their favourite forks, spades and shovels. After all, they are the ultimate tools of the trade. A professional-grade spade by industry-leading Bulldog is forged from one piece of steel for maximum strength. Or consider strong, high-quality rust-resistant stainless steel options, such as the Bulldog Premier Digging Spade and Bulldog Premier Digging Fork.

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