Weed control fabric – which one do you need?

Weed control fabric – which one do you need?

Weed control fabric – which one do you need?

Not all landscape fabrics are created equal. Professional-grade geofabric membranes for landscape gardeners are each designed with particular purpose and applications in mind. It is crucial to consider where you intend to use the membrane to make a well-informed choice about its suitability. Here, we help point you in the right direction by looking at the features of the professional landscaping weed control membranes stocked by Landscapes Direct.


Standard-duty weed control fabric Weedtex is a spun bond membrane and is the ideal weed control membrane to use if you want to promote cultivated plant life. The porous design of the fabric allows liquid feed, fertilisers, water, and air into the soil to maintain nutrient levels and soil quality. However, weeds and their rhizomes are deprived of the light they need to thrive. If you need a flexible weed control fabric that’s easy to manipulate and cut for use beneath garden borders, or under bark or decking, then Weedtex is an excellent option.


Landtex is a tougher alternative to Weedtex. The extra thickness of Landtex weed control fabric makes it more robust and therefore an excellent choice for use under rockeries or scree gardens, as it’s less likely to be torn by sharp stone edges. Yet, like Weedtex, it’s also suitable for use under garden borders and bark too, making it an ideal all-rounder if you just want one weed control membrane in your kit.


Even tougher than Landtex is the heavy-duty woven weed control fabric Groundtex. Its superior, tear-resistant properties make it ideal for use under the sharpest angular or decorative stones, as well as under areas that may be subjected to pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Its density also means that it has excellent stabilisation properties, making it suitable for use beneath patios, serving a dual purpose as a weed control fabric and a stabilising base.

Non-woven fabrics

Non-woven fabrics are the strongest geotextile membranes. They are primarily designed for stabilising purposes. For use beneath increasingly popular artificial lawns we recommend Draintex or Drivetex, as the ideal fabrics for suppressing the establishment of undesirable weeds and providing a stabilising base.

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