Landscaping products that help in wet weather

Landscaping products that help in wet weather

Landscaping products that help in wet weather

Here comes the wet weather again. For busy landscaping and gardening contractors, it can put a dampener on your work and cause delays. But it doesn’t have to. There is still lots you can do when the weather is bleak and to protect all the hard work you completed during the summer months.

Here’s a run-down of professional landscaping products that Landscapes Direct stocks and will help keep your work on track when the rain is falling.

Wet weather tarpaulins

Tarpaulins are a versatile landscape fabric and can be used for any number of landscaping and gardening projects. There are different sizes of tarpaulin to suit any project and they can be reused again and again.

  • Protect work, tools and equipment

    Tarpaulins are great for protecting your landscaping work and tools. They’re quick to throw over your expensive and essential tools when the rain starts, to help prevent them from rusting. And when the weather begins to clear, you can simply get back to what you were doing.

    Tarpaulin sheets are waterproof, with water running straight off them, making them ideal for use as a canopy to protect your work.

Paving jointing compounds

There are many jobs you simply can’t do in wet weather, but using certain paving products, such as our paving jointing compound, isn’t one of them.

All-weather paving jointing compound is perfect for the wet weather, as the ground needs to be wet before applying this ready-made mix, unlike sand or cement.

ProJoint paving jointing compound is suitable for paving slabs, natural stone and concrete paving, slabs or setts. Pre-mixed and ready to use, it’s quick and easy for landscaping pros or garden enthusiasts alike to apply.

Applying a paving jointing compound is a great way to protect your paving from weeds and frost. It’s a durable way to protect paving and, with its uniform finish, it looks great too.

Paving jointing compound is available in four colours – neutral, mid grey, basalt and black.

Grassrings – the perfect solution for luxury private or commercial properties

With Grassrings, you can have all the benefits of a landscaped garden with the ability to withhold overflow parking.

Grassrings is a permanent grass parking system that is quick and easy to install.
It has a unique open grid structure design for premium properties and is super strong, while maintaining a permeable surface, so the water drains through it, preventing any flooding. This means that the build up of mud and large puddles, which are so common in wet weather, can be eliminated.

Its flexible grid system makes it easy to use and clip together, so customers aren’t disturbed by ongoing works for long. The system is strong and creates stabilisation for vehicles without having to worry about damaging grass areas.

Grassrings can be laid on any suitable stone sub-base. Simply clip it together, backfill with soil and seed it for a long-term grass reinforcement system.

It increases vehicle capacity for properties, making room for more customers and is a great way to be environmentally friendly for public sector properties.

Balance practicality with aesthetics in your grass parking system. Find out more about Grassrings.

Wet weather landscaping supplies

You don’t have to depend on dry weather to complete your landscaping projects. Planning projects is easier when you save jobs like these for the wet weather, ensuring you get paid quicker and don’t have to move jobs around.

Don’t let the wet weather interrupt your day. Plan your wet weather landscaping and rainy-day gardening projects in advance, so you’re not losing out.

To browse our Grassrings, tarpaulins, paving products and more, visit our online store, contact the friendly team at Landscapes Direct on 0808 599 1358 or email for more information.

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