Landscaping solutions – your summer project essentials

Landscaping solutions – your summer project essentials

The landscaping season is in full swing, and as spring rolls into summer, warmer days bring their own set of challenges to the professional landscaper and landscape gardener. Here we look at the summer landscaping equipment and landscaping tools that will help make lighter work of the tasks ahead and keep your hard work looking tiptop when the mercury rises.

Porous pipes

As all professional landscape gardeners know, keeping new shrubs and trees watered in hot weather is essential to promoting their initial growth and keeping them healthy as they establish themselves. Perhaps water-deprived while waiting for planting, newly situated shrubs and trees need a little extra TLC to replenish lost moisture. Porous pipes are ideal to ensure consistent watering. This clever system is easy to install above or below ground and allows on-demand watering making it simple for your client to take care of their new plant life. Water seeps out of the pipe at a rate of four litres per hour, per metre delivering the ideal amount of water to the plants. A range of connectors and valves makes it a versatile system that will easily reach all parts of newly landscaped areas.

Hoses and fittings

When the summer heat takes its toll on a garden a professional-grade hose with all the appropriate fittings is a must-have. On-site, a summer landscaping essential is an extra-long UV-stabilised hose that is crush-resistant to withstand the rigours of landscaping projects. Make sure you’ve got appropriate hose connectors and a versatile spray nozzle too.


Levelling and grading work can be exhausting in the summer months. Ensuring that you have the right tools for the job can help make those tasks easier – a welcome benefit when working in the full summer heat. Having a range of different sized lutes at your disposal can save a considerable amount of time. The most significant levelling jobs demand the Trulute 48, ideal for creating perfectly flat lawns by removing the slightest undulations. Smaller sizes such as the Trulute 28 is perfect for general grading and levelling. Or consider medium-sized Trulute 36 to make easy work of spreading and levelling soil or sand.

Shovels, spades, and forks

Some landscape gardeners are fiercely protective of their favourite forks, spades and shovels. After all, they are the ultimate tools of the trade. A professional-grade spade by industry-leading Bulldog is forged from one piece of steel for maximum strength. Or consider strong, high-quality rust-resistant stainless steel options, such as the Bulldog Premier Digging Spade and Bulldog Premier Digging Fork. Landscapes Direct is an established supplier of high-quality landscaping and gardening products to the landscape gardening trade. We pride ourselves on the high levels of support we provide for our clients. Find out more about how we can help you on 0800 731 6534 or
Lawn care – let’s get the green growing!

Lawn care – let’s get the green growing!

With lush, green lawns firmly front of mind for many landscape gardeners’ clients, planning a lawn-care schedule and preparing for the maintenance tasks ahead will stand you in good stead.

De-thatching and aerating

First things first: removing the dead grass on top of the lawn soil, or the ‘thatch’, is an essential first step in springtime lawn care. Removing this mix of rhizomes, roots and stems, either by hand or by a vertical mower or core aerator, allows the lawn to breathe. In superficial cases, simply spiking the ground for aeration using a robust and all-metal fork will be all that’s necessary. Once clear, you’ll have a better view on the overall health of the lawn, allowing you to form a plan for weed-killing, re-seeding, feeding and general maintenance throughout the summer.

Weeding and feeding

Fertilising a lawn is an essential step in ensuring the grass is well fed and thrives. Set a fertiliser schedule from around May to begin feeding the grass. Then continue throughout the summer, perhaps with a dual-purpose fertiliser that will also help keep weeds at bay. Developed as a general-purpose fertiliser, Landscaper Pro Universtar Balance slowly releases an optimum balance of nutrients and helps prevent fertiliser burning issues on lawns. Understanding the issues your clients face will help inform the best choice of fertiliser. For example, what weeds are particularly troublesome? Would a lawn fertiliser that kills moss be the best option? Do they need a solution that kills Lyme-disease carrying ticks?

Seeding, watering and mowing

Whether seeding a new area, repairing thinning patches on an existing lawn or simply overseeding to rejuvenate, select grass seed carefully. Take into account shadiness and whether the new grass will be under trees, opting for a shade-tolerant grass seed variety with a low nutrient requirement if necessary. While irrigation systems are not typically used domestically in the UK, watering a lawn consistently is essential to keep the lawn green and resilient during summertime dry spells. Communicate the optimum schedule to your client to ensure they maintain the lawn in your absence. While professional landscapers and gardeners know better than mowing a lawn when it’s wet, it is worth ensuring the client knows that doing so can introduce disease to a lawn. Decide on a mowing schedule with the client to maintain the grass well throughout the summer. Landscapes Direct is an established supplier of high quality landscaping and gardening products to the landscape gardening trade. We pride ourselves on the high levels of support we provide for our clients. Find out more about how we can help you on 0800 731 6534 or
Renovating or laying a patio? Here's what every landscaper needs to know

Renovating or laying a patio? Here’s what every landscaper needs to know

Installing or restoring patios often comes high on homeowners’ landscaping wishlists, in a bid to create desirable al fresco dining spots and outdoor entertaining areas. The decision to renovate a patio rather than rip it up and start again is ultimately the client's. Informing them of the soundness of their existing patio will help in the decision-making process. If they're happy with the patio's overall aesthetic, size and condition, renovation is an excellent option.

Cleaning and restoring old patios

Patios can get extremely dirty and some marks are notoriously hard to get rid of. Power washing can be a good start, stripping off most of the dirt. But a suitable product is required to remove the deepest stains and to rejuvenate the slabs. Landscapes Direct's Paving Cleaner helps remove oil, grease and rubber – considered the most challenging stains to remove. For particularly troublesome black spots and algae, a specialist product, such as Pavecare Black Spot & Algae Remover, will deeply clean natural stone, concrete and porcelain paving of black spot, lichen and moss without pressure washing. Treating patio slabs properly once they’re clean will also help resist grime and algae from re-establishing. For black limestone and dark paving, Pavecare Restorer is a water-based sealant with a dark pigment that brings a new lease of life to faded limestone, slate, and concrete.

Laying a new patio

Whether laying a patio in a new area, replacing an old patio in poor condition or updating the style, there's a range of patio installation equipment that every landscaper needs. Aside from the pavers themselves, make sure you have:
  • Jointing compounds  Choose a quick and easy compound to fill the joints between paving slabs that can be laid in all-weathers. Consult your client on the colour, then select a paving joint compound for natural stone and concrete or a high-performance paving grout for porcelain slabs.
  • Sealers Porous natural stone and concrete slabs must be sealed after fitting. Opt for a professional-grade solution to achieve the best results. PRO-410 Paving Sealer is breathable and enhances the stones while it protects. Vitally, it's UV stable and helps resist dirt and grime for a low-maintenance finish.
  • Blades Inevitably, some paving slabs need cutting to fit the design and contours of a patio. A diamond blade is the best tool to ensure a clean and effortless cut when cutting paving slabs. An essential bit of masonry kit, these multi-purpose blades are also handy tools for the landscape gardener to have on hand for other hard landscaping jobs.
  • Spirit levels It goes without saying that a patio should be precisely level. Ensure there's a heavy-duty spirit level in your kit at all times.
  • Trowels and jointers A decent trowel and jointer help to achieve a clean finish on grouting and jointing. A high-quality brick trowel and bucket trowel should be at hand, along with a decent brick jointer, for a professional finish.
  • Squeegees and brooms For a quick and controlled application of jointing compounds and grout, a good quality squeegee with a flexible rubber blade is essential. Some landscapers prefer a full-length squeegee, but it's a personal choice. Finally, a hardy broom completes the kit.
Landscapes Direct is an established supplier of high-quality landscaping and gardening products to the landscape gardening trade. We pride ourselves on the high levels of support we provide for our clients. Find out more about how we can help you on 0800 731 6534 or
Spring is here! Have you got the landscaping products you need?

Spring is here! Have you got the landscaping products you need?

It’s time for a kit check. The landscaping season is underway, which means now’s the time to confirm you have got everything you need for the tasks ahead. For most jobs, there are landscaping supplies and garden products that you can’t do without.

Weed control fabrics

To ensure the longevity of your hard work, installing a professional-grade weed control fabric is highly recommended. Our woven weed control fabrics come in different lengths and widths for jobs big and small. They are easy to cut, yet tear-resistant and simple to fit. While we stock a range of geotextile fabrics for controlling weeds in different locations, Groundtex is an excellent all-rounder with good ground stabilisation and weed suppression properties.

Chemical weed killers

Despite the excellent benefits of weed control fabrics, chemical weed killers still have a place in the landscape gardener’s kitbag. Not only are they good to use before laying a weed control membrane, but they can be used in areas where geotextiles aren’t appropriate, such as lawns. At Landscapes Direct, we’ve got a wide range of herbicides. We have five-litre options to give you a headstart on the season’s weed-killing, including Enforcer, pre-emergent ProShield and Roundup ProVantage. We’ve even more options that aren’t on our website - contact us for more details.


Different fertilisers are designed for different jobs at different times of the year. For expert advice, our team at Landscapes Direct can help. An excellent place to start is Landscaper Pro Universtar Balance. It’s a cost-effective and convenient fertiliser that has a balanced range of nutrients. Designed to be slow-release, it’s a great option to start using on lawns in the springtime to get them looking healthy and green.

Landscape edging

Achieving a sharp-edged finish on lawns and borders helps elevate your landscape gardening work. Using aluminium edges is a discreet, yet effective, way to obtain a crisp edge against lawns and borders. If you’re hard landscaping, an easy edging option that can be installed without concrete is AluExcel Hard Landscaping Edging. It restrains asphalt, resin-bonded, gravel, blocks, bricks or paving slabs. It’s strong but the design allows flexibility around curves and contours. Landscapes Direct is an established supplier of high quality landscaping and gardening products to the landscape gardening trade. We pride ourselves on the high levels of support we provide to our clients. Find out more about how we can help you on 0800 731 6534 or
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