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X Root Linear Root Barrier - 1200mm 50m roll-  SD9151
X Root Linear Root Barrier - 1200mm 50m roll

XRoot, available exclusively from Landscapes Direct, is a robust, continuous root control barrier developed to protect highways, foundations, waterproofing, pipes and other services, etc. from damage arising as a result of tree root penetration. It is used extensively throughout the UK in civil engineering, landscaping and property development applications.

Tree roots predominatly grow in the upper surface of the soil and spread out extensively laterally from the trunk. A good root system is essential to sustain healthy tree growth but the roots can be deflected to grow harmlessly to avoid damage to adjacent structures or services.

XRoot can be installed around the tree or adjacent to the structure or wrapped around the pipe, etc.

Impermeable XRoot is preferred for most situations. The plain XRoot is the most economic solution, but dimpled and pocketed XRoot rolls are also available and can be the more effective in certain applications. Please cal for further information and prices.

●   Tough impermeable root barrier made from HDPE plastic to prevent root invasion
●   Available in 300mm, 600mm and 1200mm wide rolls
●   Available in 10m and 50m rolls
●   Will not biodegrade and leave toxins in the soil
●   Impervious to chemical leaching in the soil


●   XRoot can be installed vertically as a barrier around trees to prevent the lateral spread of roots. The roots are deflected harmlessly downwards.
●   In Green Roofs XRoot is installed horizontally above the waterproofing and offering protection from root penetration


●   Protects structures from damage arising as a result of root penetration.
●   Controls roots without damaging tree root structure

X Root Linear Root Barrier - 1200mm 50m roll
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