Metal landscape edging – creating distinct definition in landscaping projects

Metal landscape edging – creating distinct definition in landscaping projects

Metal landscape edging – creating distinct definition in landscaping projects

Achieving a sharp and distinct finish between garden areas can help elevate a landscape design. Depending on the location you’re defining, there are different materials and approaches to consider. Here, we look at two of the most widely used professional options – steel landscape edging and aluminium landscape edging.

Steel landscape edging

A firm favourite among professional landscapers, steel landscape edging offers flexibility to create straight lines or curves yet is strong enough to use in heavy-traffic landscaping projects. It’s quick and easy to install by sliding heavy-duty Steel Fixing Stakes into position. Joins are minimised thanks to generous two metres lengths of edging. Where there are joins, the design makes them almost indistinguishable. Professionals often opt for steel landscaping edging when defining lawns, paths and driveways.

Steel landscaping edging is a discrete option, creating a sharp line without dominating a landscaping scheme. Choose the best colour to blend with the landscape design, including Borderline Brown Steel, Borderline Galvanised Steel, or Borderline Weathering Steel. If you’re just working on a small area, Landscapes Direct don’t insist on a minimum order nor impose high delivery charges.

Aluminium landscape edging

Aluminium edging is lighter than steel, and very easy to cut and handle. What’s more, recycled aluminium alloy is rust-resistant and creates a desirable high-end finish. At Landscapes Direct, we offer commercial-grade AluExcel aluminium edging in various depths and colours to suit different projects. There’s a choice of either flexible or rigid edging lengths within our range, depending on whether you’re creating curves or a poker-straight finish. Aluminium edging is an excellent choice when edging artificial grass, asphalt, blocks and pavers, concrete, resin-bound and loose gravel, and creating definition on playground surfaces.

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