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Environmentally friendly landscaping - doing your bit for the planet

Environmentally friendly landscaping – doing your bit for the planet

It’s never been more important than ever to do our bit for our planet. The average surface temperature has risen around 1.18 degrees Celsius since the late 19th century, due to an increase in carbon dioxide related to human activities. Now 800 million people, 11% of the world's population, are vulnerable to the effects of climate change such as floods, droughts, heat waves, and a rising sea level. At the UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021 one of the key goals was to protect natural habitats, something that can be achieved by using environmentally friendly landscaping practices. There are plenty of environmentally friendly landscaping ideas to make sure you do your bit. Not only will it help our planet, but it could save time and money too.

Environmentally friendly landscape products

Using products that are kinder to the environment is an easy way of being environmentally friendly. The products we stock include black Grassrings and Gravelrings, that are made from 100% recycled plastic. We also stock Alu Excel edging which is made from recycled aluminium. These products are not only made from recycled material but they are made in the UK which reduces your carbon footprint because there’s no international transport needed.
  • Use artificial grass Laying artificial grass is a great way to create a sustainable garden that also saves a lot of time and energy in maintaining it. While not an environmentally friendly product because of the material it is made with, it can be more environmentally friendly than grass. You don’t have to use equipment that pollutes our planet, such as a petrol lawn mower to mow it, you don’t need to use chemicals on it, and you don’t need to waste water. It’s an easy way to create green landscaping that looks great and saves you time and money.
  • Get rid of your lawn A lawn can be harmful to the environment. Lawns consume nearly 3 trillion gallons of water a year, 200 million gallons of gas (on mowing), and 70 million pounds of pesticides. They also inhibit pollinators which are vital to biodiversity. Replacing lawns with decking could help turn gardens into a more environmentally friendly and sustainable environment. Decking not only is a great way to help the planet but it looks great and is both durable and low maintenance. We stock Millboard decking which has no wood content. This helps protect our forests from deforestation which in turn decreases carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide warms up our planet and causes increased natural disasters such as flooding, leading to mass homelessness. It is mineral-based and combines the natural beauty of real wood with the durability of polyurethane. With Millboard there is no rotting, warping or deterioration like there is with natural wood.
  • Plant wildflowers Wildflowers are flowers that normally grow in the wild. Of course, seeds such as the pro flora wildflower seed mix we stock, can be used to scatter in your garden. Planting wildflowers makes a difference to our planet because they’re great for wildlife. They provide pollinators such as bees with food, shelter and a place to produce young. They’re also a good source of food in the winter for birds and small mammals who will be attracted to them. Creating an environmentally friendly landscape design will not only help the environment but will make any garden a hive of activity for wildlife and it will feel like a piece of idyllic countryside.
  • Use environmentally friendly gardening tools Gardening equipment can cause a lot of carbon dioxide emissions. You can prevent or reduce your fuel emissions and save time and money on environmentally friendly versions. When buying new tools, check to see if they are environmentally friendly. Do they contain any logos to show their sustainability? Are they biodegradable? Do they have reduced or recyclable packaging? Do they contain any chemicals? Purchase metal versions of your tools, such as trowels, instead of plastic. Not only is metal better for the environment but it lasts longer and is durable. Plastic is incredibly harmful to our environment. Planet-warming fuels such as gas, oil, and coal are often used in the production of plastic. Plastic harms wildlife and spreads toxins, with over 12 million tonnes of it entering our seas a year. Choosing non-plastic tools can help reduce this amount, along with choosing tools with reduced or sustainable packaging. In some cases, tools instead of chemicals, can be used. A hand cultivator can dig up weeds while aerating the soil which creates a healthier environment for plants and wildlife. Instead of using chemicals to get rid of weeds, a hand cultivator means only purchasing one item instead of lots of plastic bottles of chemicals, and will last longer, making it more economical too.
  • Save water Make sure you are being efficient with water. Collect rainwater and use irrigation systems in gardens to conserve water consumption. We stock porous, rubber pipes that are made from recycled car tyres, which is a great way to reuse a material that is a big polluter. The pipes allow for a wide pressure range for the water to seep out of the walls of the pipe and through the garden for surface and subsurface irrigation. Consider environmentally friendly equipment and products when purchasing supplies. This can make a big difference to carbon emissions, just by this one change. Look at what products and equipment you use now and check if these are the best options, both for the environment, and for saving you time and money.
Landscapes Direct is an established supplier of high-quality landscaping and gardening products to the landscape gardening trade. We pride ourselves on the high levels of support we provide for our clients. Find out more about how we can help you on 0800 731 6534 or
Landscaping products that help in wet weather

Landscaping products that help in wet weather

Here comes the wet weather again. For busy landscaping and gardening contractors, it can put a dampener on your work and cause delays. But it doesn’t have to. There is still lots you can do when the weather is bleak and to protect all the hard work you completed during the summer months. Here’s a run-down of professional landscaping products that Landscapes Direct stocks and will help keep your work on track when the rain is falling.

Wet weather tarpaulins

Tarpaulins are a versatile landscape fabric and can be used for any number of landscaping and gardening projects. There are different sizes of tarpaulin to suit any project and they can be reused again and again.
  • Protect work, tools and equipment Tarpaulins are great for protecting your landscaping work and tools. They’re quick to throw over your expensive and essential tools when the rain starts, to help prevent them from rusting. And when the weather begins to clear, you can simply get back to what you were doing. Tarpaulin sheets are waterproof, with water running straight off them, making them ideal for use as a canopy to protect your work.

Paving jointing compounds

There are many jobs you simply can’t do in wet weather, but using certain paving products, such as our paving jointing compound, isn’t one of them. All-weather paving jointing compound is perfect for the wet weather, as the ground needs to be wet before applying this ready-made mix, unlike sand or cement. ProJoint paving jointing compound is suitable for paving slabs, natural stone and concrete paving, slabs or setts. Pre-mixed and ready to use, it’s quick and easy for landscaping pros or garden enthusiasts alike to apply. Applying a paving jointing compound is a great way to protect your paving from weeds and frost. It’s a durable way to protect paving and, with its uniform finish, it looks great too. Paving jointing compound is available in four colours - neutral, mid grey, basalt and black.

Grassrings - the perfect solution for luxury private or commercial properties

With Grassrings, you can have all the benefits of a landscaped garden with the ability to withhold overflow parking. Grassrings is a permanent grass parking system that is quick and easy to install. It has a unique open grid structure design for premium properties and is super strong, while maintaining a permeable surface, so the water drains through it, preventing any flooding. This means that the build up of mud and large puddles, which are so common in wet weather, can be eliminated. Its flexible grid system makes it easy to use and clip together, so customers aren’t disturbed by ongoing works for long. The system is strong and creates stabilisation for vehicles without having to worry about damaging grass areas. Grassrings can be laid on any suitable stone sub-base. Simply clip it together, backfill with soil and seed it for a long-term grass reinforcement system. It increases vehicle capacity for properties, making room for more customers and is a great way to be environmentally friendly for public sector properties. Balance practicality with aesthetics in your grass parking system. Find out more about Grassrings.

Wet weather landscaping supplies

You don’t have to depend on dry weather to complete your landscaping projects. Planning projects is easier when you save jobs like these for the wet weather, ensuring you get paid quicker and don’t have to move jobs around. Don’t let the wet weather interrupt your day. Plan your wet weather landscaping and rainy-day gardening projects in advance, so you’re not losing out. To browse our Grassrings, tarpaulins, paving products and more, visit our online store, contact the friendly team at Landscapes Direct on 0808 599 1358 or email for more information.
Why Artificial Grass is ideal for winter

Why Artificial Grass is ideal for winter

Children coming in from the garden, their wet, muddy footprints messing up the carpet. Dogs running in, slipping and sliding, and shaking the mud from the lawn all over the furniture and kitchen cabinets. Grassed lawns can be a nightmare in the winter. But there’s a simple solution - artificial grass. And there are many more benefits of artificial grass besides. Here’s our list of the benefits of artificial grass:
  • Artificial grass saves time and money It doesn’t need mowing or fertilising. Simply brush it every now and then and it’s all good. There’s no need to buy gardening equipment, such as lawnmowersor rakes, or spend hours making it look tip top. With artificial grass you can lie back on your sun lounger and take it easy. For older people or those with a busy lifestyle, artificial grass is a great way of achieving a beautiful lawn without having to spend time on it or pay for a contractor to come in to deal with it. And there’s no coming back to a jungle after a holiday.
  • Artificial grass always looks good Artificial grass is ideal all year round, even in winter. It always looks lush and green with no brown bits, patchiness or weeds. Available in different blade lengths, colours and textures, an artificial lawn can be laid to suit individual preferences and with the latest advances, looks natural and feels just as lovely beneath your feet.
  • Artificial grass is environmentally friendly A study has shown that mowing your lawn causes four times the amount of pollution as driving your car for an hour, making artificial grass an eco-friendly solution to grass. And after years of use, it can be recycled. Artificial grass also provides effective drainage, helping to prevent flooding, which has become a more common occurrence due to climate change.
  • Artificial grass is great for pets and their owners Artificial grass is suitable for dogs, cats and other pets for many reasons. It prevents insects that normally thrive in grass, making it less likely your beloved pet will pick up any nasty infestations or infections, some of which can be life-threatening. Artificial lawns do not require the application of chemicals, many of which are harmful to pets. Artificial grass remains clean even during winter, requiring only a hosing down to get rid of any waste or mess. And it is allergy-free in the spring and summer - a bonus for pets and their owners. Plus, pets can’t wreck artificial grass like they can lawns. No longer would a pet owner step outside to find their pet pooch is up to their eyeballs in muck and their lawn devastated from where they have been digging a hole.
Browse our range of artificial grass for every budget for a low maintenance lawn that always looks good. Landscapes Direct is an established supplier of high-quality landscaping and gardening products to the landscape gardening trade. We pride ourselves on the high levels of support we provide for our clients. Find out more about how we can help you on 0800 731 6534 or
Autumn landscape planning

Autumn landscape planning

As the summer season draws to a close, landscapers' minds turn to autumn planning. It's the season for trees – both planting new and clearing up leaf fall from the established. And cooler days, particularly the drier ones, can be ideal for hard landscaping projects too. To help you shift gear from summer to autumn, here we look at all the tools and materials you need for those essential autumn landscaping jobs.

Planting new trees

With summer often too hot to plant trees and frozen grounds in winter posing a different challenge, autumn's mild weather is the ideal season for tree planting. Planting saplings in the earlier part of the season allows their root systems to settle before the coldest weather arrives. At the beginning of every new season, a kit check will help make sure you've got everything you need for the challenges ahead. For tree-planting projects, make sure you've got:
  1. a supply of heavy-duty tree ties in 45cm and 60cm sizes that are quick to secure and come with a spacer
  2. spiral tree guards to protect vulnerable saplings. If you're working on a public or commercial landscaping project consider a 250 spiral tree guard multipack
  3. a multipack of good quality bamboo canes

Leaf clearance

Clearing up the fallen leaves from deciduous trees is perhaps the most extensive maintenance job of the season, so it pays to have decent tools to make it as efficient as possible. Whether you prefer a Bulldog Premier Plastic Leaf Rake or one of our Bulldog Springbok Rakes, both make light work of leaf clearance.

Composite decking

Composite decking, formed from wood-polymer composite, is gaining in popularity, thanks to its low-maintenance appeal. The demand is unsurprising given the decking’s convincing grooved pattern that mimics natural wood. It's also a practical choice for commercial projects. The stunning Millboard decking collection is one of our favourites as it offers the best wood replica and is available in a large range of colours and finishes. All colourways have matching trims to finish board ends and step treads neatly. Landscapes Direct is an established supplier of high-quality landscaping and gardening products to the landscape gardening trade. We pride ourselves on the high levels of support we provide for our clients. Find out more about how we can help you with your professional landscaping project on 0800 731 6534 or
Keeping weeds away in the best way

Keeping weeds away in the best way

Weeds can be the bane of a landscape gardener’s life. Immaculately finished planting schemes can all too quickly be overtaken by unwelcome species blown in on the wind or established from hidden rhizomes. While 100% weed-free gardens are a pipe dream – primarily because there is little anyone can do about seeds blown-in on the wind – much can be done to ward off weed growth. Combining different methods of weed control can offer the best results. Forming a robust barrier with a specially designed weed control membrane is one of the longest-lasting solutions, especially when combined with the liberal use of herbicides before and a good layer of mulch after the geofabric is laid. At Landscapes Direct, we offer a range of professional geofabric membranes, each designed with a particular purpose or application in mind.

Keeping weeds away in garden borders

Weedtex is a standard-duty, spun-bond membrane. It’s the ideal weed control membrane to use if you want to promote cultivated plant life but suppress weed growth. The porous design of Weedtex allows liquid feed, fertilisers, water, and air into the soil. These features maintain nutrient levels and soil quality. It’s a flexible, easy-to-cut fabric, ideal for use under garden borders, flower beds, bark, or decking. Landscapes Direct supplies Weedtex in different lengths and widths to suit projects of all sizes.

Suppressing weeds under rockeries and scree gardens

While the flexibility of Weedtex makes it ideal for plant beds, it can tear under rockeries or scree gardens. Landtex is a tougher alternative, with extra thickness that can withstand sharper edges. Our longest roll of Landtex is 2m x 100m, suitable for weed control in large landscaping projects.

Stopping weeds emerging from patios and driveways

Hard landscaping schemes, such as patios and driveways, need protection from weeds too. But they require a tougher membrane to withstand sharp stones and heavy tiles. Groundtex’s tear-resistant properties make it ideal for use in areas that may be subjected to pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Its density also means that it doubles up as a stabilising base. Landscapes Direct supplies rolls of Groundtex in lengths of up to 100m, suitable for substantial hard landscaping projects. Landscapes Direct is an established supplier of high-quality landscaping and gardening products to the landscape gardening trade. We pride ourselves on the high levels of support we provide for our clients. Find out more about how we can help you on 0800 731 6534 or
Metal landscape edging – creating distinct definition in landscaping projects

Metal landscape edging – creating distinct definition in landscaping projects

Achieving a sharp and distinct finish between garden areas can help elevate a landscape design. Depending on the location you’re defining, there are different materials and approaches to consider. Here, we look at two of the most widely used professional options – steel landscape edging and aluminium landscape edging.

Steel landscape edging

A firm favourite among professional landscapers, steel landscape edging offers flexibility to create straight lines or curves yet is strong enough to use in heavy-traffic landscaping projects. It’s quick and easy to install by sliding heavy-duty Steel Fixing Stakes into position. Joins are minimised thanks to generous two metres lengths of edging. Where there are joins, the design makes them almost indistinguishable. Professionals often opt for steel landscaping edging when defining lawns, paths and driveways. Steel landscaping edging is a discrete option, creating a sharp line without dominating a landscaping scheme. Choose the best colour to blend with the landscape design, including Borderline Brown Steel, Borderline Galvanised Steel, or Borderline Weathering Steel. If you’re just working on a small area, Landscapes Direct don’t insist on a minimum order nor impose high delivery charges.

Aluminium landscape edging

Aluminium edging is lighter than steel, and very easy to cut and handle. What’s more, recycled aluminium alloy is rust-resistant and creates a desirable high-end finish. At Landscapes Direct, we offer commercial-grade AluExcel aluminium edging in various depths and colours to suit different projects. There’s a choice of either flexible or rigid edging lengths within our range, depending on whether you’re creating curves or a poker-straight finish. Aluminium edging is an excellent choice when edging artificial grass, asphalt, blocks and pavers, concrete, resin-bound and loose gravel, and creating definition on playground surfaces. Landscapes Direct is an established supplier of high-quality landscaping and gardening products to the landscape gardening trade. We pride ourselves on the high levels of support we provide for our clients. Find out more about how we can help you on 0800 731 6534 or
5 common pain points experienced by landscaping professionals

5 common pain points experienced by landscaping professionals

The life of a landscaping professional is rarely smooth. Whether it’s a ‘fluid’ client brief giving you headaches, unseasonable weather putting a spanner in the works, or stumbling upon unforeseen obstacles in a project (Japanese Knotweed, anyone?), the strength of a landscape gardener is their ability to embrace a challenge. Here, we look at other pain points experienced by landscape gardeners and landscapers, with some easy tips to overcome them.
  1. Late deliveries When you’ve got a jam-packed landscaping season, not having all the equipment you need to get on with the job can pose a real problem. If there’s something you need urgently, whether landscape edging and membranes or tools and equipment, then chances are you’ll need it quickly. You can’t afford to hang around for late deliveries. When you order with Landscapes Direct, you can do so quickly and easily online, plus we offer a reliable fast delivery service to minimise delays and help you get on with the job at hand.
  2. Sub-standard materials Accurately quoting jobs can be a pain point for landscaping professionals, who’d rather create new outdoor spaces than pore over a spreadsheet. But misquoting, then trying to recoup through sourcing cheap products, is never wise. At Landscapes Direct, everything from our jointing compounds to our grass seed are professional-grade yet competitively priced, giving you peace of mind that inferior quality products won’t mar your hard work.
  3. Poor supplier advice Using cowboy landscaping suppliers with too-good-to-be-true prices and unfounded words of wisdom is likely to be a mistake you’ll only make once. After all, taking poor advice on inferior products is something that you’ll ultimately pay for. When it comes to landscaping equipment, using an established and expert supplier not only gives you access to commercial-grade equipment, but you’ll also get sound advice that’s based on years of specialist landscaping knowledge and experience.
  4. Hidden costs If you’re shopping around for professional landscaping supplies, price counts for a lot. But too often, attractive prices are offset by extortionate carriage charges or minimum order restrictions. At Landscapes Direct, our products are always competitively priced, and we never overcharge for delivery. In fact, on orders over £75, delivery is free.
  5. Juggling multiple suppliers When you’re dealing with multiple suppliers who supply you with different materials, you’ll often find yourself paying multiple delivery costs. Finding a landscaping supplier that can help with all your requirements, from site essentials and ground stabilisation to geofabrics and tools and equipment, will save you time and money – leaving you to get on with what you do best.
Landscapes Direct is an established supplier of high-quality landscaping and gardening products to the landscape gardening trade. We pride ourselves on the high levels of support we provide for our clients. Find out more about how we can help you on 0800 731 6534 or
NEW Herbicide Sprayers: Your latest landscaping must-have

NEW Herbicide Sprayers: Your latest landscaping must-have

Professional herbicides are part of a landscape gardener’s essential kit. A firm favourite is ProShield, a long-lasting weedkiller that protects your hard-earned work against future weed growth for up to six months. The best way to apply this herbicide safely, evenly, and effectively is by spraying.

New herbicide sprayers

Landscapes Direct now offers a range of professional herbicide sprayers from leading manufacturers Berthoud and Cooper Pegler to complement its range of herbicides. From the handheld, six-litre Berthould 8 Pro Sprayer to the latest Berthoud Electric Vermorel 3000, capable of six hours of uninterrupted application, we’ve got sprayers for all applications. Some landscape gardeners rely on the original knapsack sprayer, the Cooper Pegler CP15 Classic. First launched in the 1960s, its robust design has meant its longevity is legendary and can last over 50 years. Over recent times, Cooper Pegler has extended their offering, including sprayers with piston pumps for better efficiency, such as the CP15 Series 2000, a 15-litre sprayer. If you need advice on choosing a sprayer, you can contact us.

Top tips for effective spraying

Whichever size or type of herbicide sprayer you opt for, there are some essential tips to keep in mind:
  • Choose your herbicide wisely, opting for one that can handle large droplets for optimum coverage or one that you can dilute to the ideal solution
  • Select the proper nozzle for the job. A single deflector nozzle is best for spraying nonselective herbicides, whereas a fan nozzle may be better for selective herbicides.
  • Wait for the dew to dry before application, yet allow a long enough drying window before dew forms in the evening.
  • Dry, overcast and calm days are optimum for effective spraying. If you’re working in windy conditions, choose an appropriate nozzle to reduce drift.
  • Avoid hot, sunny days for spraying, as plants will not efficiently absorb the herbicide.
  • Herbicides are chemicals, so always wear the right PPE to protect your eyes, mouth, hands, and body.
  • Keep the nozzle pointing down and close to ground level to avoid applying to unwanted areas.
  • Use a wide spray pattern for large areas, being cautious not to overspray.
  • Pouring excess solution down the drain is illegal as it can pollute groundwater and water supplies.
  • Calibrate, maintain and service your herbicide sprayer to ensure its longevity and continued performance.
Landscapes Direct is an established supplier of high-quality landscaping and gardening products to the landscape gardening trade. We pride ourselves on the high levels of support we provide for our clients. Find out more about how we can help you on 0800 731 6534 or
Getting the right landscaping tools for the job

Getting the right landscaping tools for the job

When you’re a landscape gardener, good quality tools are essential. If your kit is ready for an upgrade or you’re looking to add to your collection, here’s a quick guide to the right landscaping tools for the job.


Whether you’re preparing a seedbed from clay soil, creating a sand or stone base, or putting the finishing touches to a gravel surface, choosing the right rake can save you a lot of time. The steel Chelwood Steel Landscape Rake, nicknamed ‘The Landscraper’, is an excellent all-rounder and is cleverly designed with a back edge for grading and levelling. The Land-X Aluminum Landscaper’s Rake is a strong but lightweight alternative, suitable for a range of raking tasks. Bulldog’s purpose-designed Asphalt Rake will be an essential piece of kit if you need a rake designed for levelling stone and asphalt. For thatching lawns or maintenance work such as leaf clearance in the autumn, the Chelwood 2-in-1 Lawn & Leaf Rake is designed to also work as a debris scoop. Alternatively, the Bulldog Premier Plastic Leaf Rake is oversized yet lightweight with an aluminium handle. It’s capable of collecting large volumes of leaves, making it the ideal companion come October.


For levelling and grading tasks, a sturdy lute made from heavy gauge steel angle-iron will help achieve an immaculate finish that won’t scar contours on greens and lawns. Different sizes are designed for different jobs. Our smallest option, the Trulute 28, is a flip-over design for use on fine turf areas. The slightly larger Trulute 36 is ideal for spreading and levelling soil or removing stones and debris while top-dressing. The largest lute, the Trulute 48, is perfect for levelling work over more extensive areas, with a heavy-gauge steel box section that ensures rigidity.

Shovels, spades, and forks

Landscape gardeners tend to have personal preferences when it comes to stainless steel or solid steel tools. Bulldog’s excellent selection of shovels, spades and forks come in both options. A range of shovels and forks for different purposes are available, whether you need a new digging spade, edging iron, cable laying shovel or a shovel with tapered blades for breaking into aggregate.


Felco secateurs are professional quality tools with forged aluminium handles and rubber, shock-absorbing coatings. Landscapes Direct offers a range of sizes designed for different purposes, including the No.2 Original Secateurs - a firm favourite with landscape gardeners. Left-handed gardeners, so often forgotten when it comes to landscaping tools, are well served with Felco’s No.9 Left Handed Secateurs. Keep your secateurs securely and safely on your person for easy access with either Felco’s flat heavy-duty leather holster or the cone-shaped holster.

Pole saws

The superior design of Silky pole saws makes high-reach pruning a quick, easy and enjoyable task. Lightweight and incredibly sharp, they’re specifically designed for professional landscape gardeners, with a design that folds easily to fit into vehicles. The toughest choice is deciding which length to go for - the Silky Hayauchi 6300 Pole Saw is the longest pole option for the hardest-to-reach jobs. Landscapes Direct is an established supplier of high quality landscaping and gardening products to the landscape gardening trade. We pride ourselves on the high levels of support we provide for our clients. Find out more about how we can help you on 0800 731 6534 or
Weed control fabric – which one do you need?

Weed control fabric – which one do you need?

Not all landscape fabrics are created equal. Professional-grade geofabric membranes for landscape gardeners are each designed with particular purpose and applications in mind. It is crucial to consider where you intend to use the membrane to make a well-informed choice about its suitability. Here, we help point you in the right direction by looking at the features of the professional landscaping weed control membranes stocked by Landscapes Direct.


Standard-duty weed control fabric Weedtex is a spun bond membrane and is the ideal weed control membrane to use if you want to promote cultivated plant life. The porous design of the fabric allows liquid feed, fertilisers, water, and air into the soil to maintain nutrient levels and soil quality. However, weeds and their rhizomes are deprived of the light they need to thrive. If you need a flexible weed control fabric that's easy to manipulate and cut for use beneath garden borders, or under bark or decking, then Weedtex is an excellent option.


Landtex is a tougher alternative to Weedtex. The extra thickness of Landtex weed control fabric makes it more robust and therefore an excellent choice for use under rockeries or scree gardens, as it's less likely to be torn by sharp stone edges. Yet, like Weedtex, it's also suitable for use under garden borders and bark too, making it an ideal all-rounder if you just want one weed control membrane in your kit.


Even tougher than Landtex is the heavy-duty woven weed control fabric Groundtex. Its superior, tear-resistant properties make it ideal for use under the sharpest angular or decorative stones, as well as under areas that may be subjected to pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Its density also means that it has excellent stabilisation properties, making it suitable for use beneath patios, serving a dual purpose as a weed control fabric and a stabilising base.

Non-woven fabrics

Non-woven fabrics are the strongest geotextile membranes. They are primarily designed for stabilising purposes. For use beneath increasingly popular artificial lawns we recommend Draintex or Drivetex, as the ideal fabrics for suppressing the establishment of undesirable weeds and providing a stabilising base. Landscapes Direct is an established supplier of high-quality landscaping and gardening products to the landscape gardening trade. We pride ourselves on the high levels of support we provide for our clients. Find out more about how we can help you on 0800 731 6534 or