Why Artificial Grass is ideal for winter

Why Artificial Grass is ideal for winter

Why Artificial Grass is ideal for winter

Children coming in from the garden, their wet, muddy footprints messing up the carpet. Dogs running in, slipping and sliding, and shaking the mud from the lawn all over the furniture and kitchen cabinets. Grassed lawns can be a nightmare in the winter. But there’s a simple solution – artificial grass. And there are many more benefits of artificial grass besides.

Here’s our list of the benefits of artificial grass:

  • Artificial grass saves time and money
    It doesn’t need mowing or fertilising. Simply brush it every now and then and it’s all good. There’s no need to buy gardening equipment, such as lawnmowersor rakes, or spend hours making it look tip top. With artificial grass you can lie back on your sun lounger and take it easy.

    For older people or those with a busy lifestyle, artificial grass is a great way of achieving a beautiful lawn without having to spend time on it or pay for a contractor to come in to deal with it. And there’s no coming back to a jungle after a holiday.

  • Artificial grass always looks good
    Artificial grass is ideal all year round, even in winter. It always looks lush and green with no brown bits, patchiness or weeds.

    Available in different blade lengths, colours and textures, an artificial lawn can be laid to suit individual preferences and with the latest advances, looks natural and feels just as lovely beneath your feet.

  • Artificial grass is environmentally friendly
    A study has shown that mowing your lawn causes four times the amount of pollution as driving your car for an hour, making artificial grass an eco-friendly solution to grass. And after years of use, it can be recycled.

    Artificial grass also provides effective drainage, helping to prevent flooding, which has become a more common occurrence due to climate change.

  • Artificial grass is great for pets and their owners
    Artificial grass is suitable for dogs, cats and other pets for many reasons. It prevents insects that normally thrive in grass, making it less likely your beloved pet will pick up any nasty infestations or infections, some of which can be life-threatening.

    Artificial lawns do not require the application of chemicals, many of which are harmful to pets.

    Artificial grass remains clean even during winter, requiring only a hosing down to get rid of any waste or mess. And it is allergy-free in the spring and summer – a bonus for pets and their owners.

    Plus, pets can’t wreck artificial grass like they can lawns. No longer would a pet owner step outside to find their pet pooch is up to their eyeballs in muck and their lawn devastated from where they have been digging a hole.

Browse our range of artificial grass for every budget for a low maintenance lawn that always looks good.

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