5 common pain points experienced by landscaping professionals

5 common pain points experienced by landscaping professionals

5 common pain points experienced by landscaping professionals

The life of a landscaping professional is rarely smooth. Whether it’s a ‘fluid’ client brief giving you headaches, unseasonable weather putting a spanner in the works, or stumbling upon unforeseen obstacles in a project (Japanese Knotweed, anyone?), the strength of a landscape gardener is their ability to embrace a challenge. Here, we look at other pain points experienced by landscape gardeners and landscapers, with some easy tips to overcome them.

  1. Late deliveries

    When you’ve got a jam-packed landscaping season, not having all the equipment you need to get on with the job can pose a real problem. If there’s something you need urgently, whether landscape edging and membranes or tools and equipment, then chances are you’ll need it quickly. You can’t afford to hang around for late deliveries. When you order with Landscapes Direct, you can do so quickly and easily online, plus we offer a reliable fast delivery service to minimise delays and help you get on with the job at hand.

  2. Sub-standard materials

    Accurately quoting jobs can be a pain point for landscaping professionals, who’d rather create new outdoor spaces than pore over a spreadsheet. But misquoting, then trying to recoup through sourcing cheap products, is never wise. At Landscapes Direct, everything from our jointing compounds to our grass seed are professional-grade yet competitively priced, giving you peace of mind that inferior quality products won’t mar your hard work.

  3. Poor supplier advice

    Using cowboy landscaping suppliers with too-good-to-be-true prices and unfounded words of wisdom is likely to be a mistake you’ll only make once. After all, taking poor advice on inferior products is something that you’ll ultimately pay for. When it comes to landscaping equipment, using an established and expert supplier not only gives you access to commercial-grade equipment, but you’ll also get sound advice that’s based on years of specialist landscaping knowledge and experience.

  4. Hidden costs

    If you’re shopping around for professional landscaping supplies, price counts for a lot. But too often, attractive prices are offset by extortionate carriage charges or minimum order restrictions. At Landscapes Direct, our products are always competitively priced, and we never overcharge for delivery. In fact, on orders over £75, delivery is free.

  5. Juggling multiple suppliers

    When you’re dealing with multiple suppliers who supply you with different materials, you’ll often find yourself paying multiple delivery costs. Finding a landscaping supplier that can help with all your requirements, from site essentials and ground stabilisation to geofabrics and tools and equipment, will save you time and money – leaving you to get on with what you do best.

Landscapes Direct is an established supplier of high-quality landscaping and gardening products to the landscape gardening trade. We pride ourselves on the high levels of support we provide for our clients. Find out more about how we can help you on 0800 731 6534 or sales@ld-uk.com.

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