Getting the right landscaping tools for the job

Getting the right landscaping tools for the job

Getting the right landscaping tools for the job

When you’re a landscape gardener, good quality tools are essential. If your kit is ready for an upgrade or you’re looking to add to your collection, here’s a quick guide to the right landscaping tools for the job.


Whether you’re preparing a seedbed from clay soil, creating a sand or stone base, or putting the finishing touches to a gravel surface, choosing the right rake can save you a lot of time. The steel Chelwood Steel Landscape Rake, nicknamed ‘The Landscraper’, is an excellent all-rounder and is cleverly designed with a back edge for grading and levelling. The Land-X Aluminum Landscaper’s Rake is a strong but lightweight alternative, suitable for a range of raking tasks. Bulldog’s purpose-designed Asphalt Rake will be an essential piece of kit if you need a rake designed for levelling stone and asphalt.

For thatching lawns or maintenance work such as leaf clearance in the autumn, the Chelwood 2-in-1 Lawn & Leaf Rake is designed to also work as a debris scoop. Alternatively, the Bulldog Premier Plastic Leaf Rake is oversized yet lightweight with an aluminium handle. It’s capable of collecting large volumes of leaves, making it the ideal companion come October.


For levelling and grading tasks, a sturdy lute made from heavy gauge steel angle-iron will help achieve an immaculate finish that won’t scar contours on greens and lawns. Different sizes are designed for different jobs. Our smallest option, the Trulute 28, is a flip-over design for use on fine turf areas. The slightly larger Trulute 36 is ideal for spreading and levelling soil or removing stones and debris while top-dressing. The largest lute, the Trulute 48, is perfect for levelling work over more extensive areas, with a heavy-gauge steel box section that ensures rigidity.

Shovels, spades, and forks

Landscape gardeners tend to have personal preferences when it comes to stainless steel or solid steel tools. Bulldog’s excellent selection of shovels, spades and forks come in both options. A range of shovels and forks for different purposes are available, whether you need a new digging spade, edging iron, cable laying shovel or a shovel with tapered blades for breaking into aggregate.


Felco secateurs are professional quality tools with forged aluminium handles and rubber, shock-absorbing coatings. Landscapes Direct offers a range of sizes designed for different purposes, including the No.2 Original Secateurs – a firm favourite with landscape gardeners. Left-handed gardeners, so often forgotten when it comes to landscaping tools, are well served with Felco’s No.9 Left Handed Secateurs. Keep your secateurs securely and safely on your person for easy access with either Felco’s flat heavy-duty leather holster or the cone-shaped holster.

Pole saws

The superior design of Silky pole saws makes high-reach pruning a quick, easy and enjoyable task. Lightweight and incredibly sharp, they’re specifically designed for professional landscape gardeners, with a design that folds easily to fit into vehicles. The toughest choice is deciding which length to go for – the Silky Hayauchi 6300 Pole Saw is the longest pole option for the hardest-to-reach jobs.

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