Keeping weeds away in the best way

Keeping weeds away in the best way

Keeping weeds away in the best way

Weeds can be the bane of a landscape gardener’s life. Immaculately finished planting schemes can all too quickly be overtaken by unwelcome species blown in on the wind or established from hidden rhizomes.

While 100% weed-free gardens are a pipe dream – primarily because there is little anyone can do about seeds blown-in on the wind – much can be done to ward off weed growth. Combining different methods of weed control can offer the best results. Forming a robust barrier with a specially designed weed control membrane is one of the longest-lasting solutions, especially when combined with the liberal use of herbicides before and a good layer of mulch after the geofabric is laid. At Landscapes Direct, we offer a range of professional geofabric membranes, each designed with a particular purpose or application in mind.

Keeping weeds away in garden borders

Weedtex is a standard-duty, spun-bond membrane. It’s the ideal weed control membrane to use if you want to promote cultivated plant life but suppress weed growth. The porous design of Weedtex allows liquid feed, fertilisers, water, and air into the soil. These features maintain nutrient levels and soil quality. It’s a flexible, easy-to-cut fabric, ideal for use under garden borders, flower beds, bark, or decking. Landscapes Direct supplies Weedtex in different lengths and widths to suit projects of all sizes.

Suppressing weeds under rockeries and scree gardens

While the flexibility of Weedtex makes it ideal for plant beds, it can tear under rockeries or scree gardens. Landtex is a tougher alternative, with extra thickness that can withstand sharper edges. Our longest roll of Landtex is 2m x 100m, suitable for weed control in large landscaping projects.

Stopping weeds emerging from patios and driveways

Hard landscaping schemes, such as patios and driveways, need protection from weeds too. But they require a tougher membrane to withstand sharp stones and heavy tiles. Groundtex’s tear-resistant properties make it ideal for use in areas that may be subjected to pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Its density also means that it doubles up as a stabilising base. Landscapes Direct supplies rolls of Groundtex in lengths of up to 100m, suitable for substantial hard landscaping projects.

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